More info on the liver flush
This elixir should ideally be taken in the morning on an empty stomach for one to three days, ideally followed by plant based meals.

High-raw meals are preferable so as to enable your liver and digestive system to focus on cleansing rather than breaking down heavy, hard to digest foods.

the liver is the largest organ in our bodies and probably the most hardworking. it acts as our body s filtration system and is responsible for the conversion of food into energy and the cleaning of alcohol & poisins from the blood. all major organs, including your heart, kidneys and intestines, rely on the liver for healthy functioning. a poorly functioning liver can result in fatigue, headaches, bad breath, skin problems and weight gain. keep it healthy and happy!!

olive oil is believed to be a prime anti-oxidant and lemon has been known for it s therapeutic properties. both are often recommended for detoxifying the liver. raw garlic contains a sulfur compound, allicin, a powerful antioxidant, anti biotic and anti fungal substance that enhances bile production, reducing a build up of fat in the liver. cayenne is also said to speed up the metabolism of fat and is often used to cleanse the liver
Acai Berry Bowl
Wild acai berry, banana, dates, almond butter

Acai Verde
Wild acai berry, banana, dates, almond butter, spirulina

Cacao Acai
Wild acai berry, banana, dates, almond butter, cacao

Chia Berry Parfait
Almond chia pudding, cinnamon cashew cream, chia raspberry compote, coconut chips, seasonal fresh fruit

Avocado Toast
Avo mash, homemade chilli oil, mustard seeds // served on organic malted or GF bread

Snacks & Desserts